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New England is charming, from the quaint fishing villages, the stone walls, its dramatic coastal landscapes and every place has a historic feel.  Seasons bring delightful changes, but everyone’s favorite seems to be autumn.  Even if you’ve never visited New England, it feels like home — cozy and comfortable.  My original photography captures the allure of this place.  

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A photo book containing 40 images of the North Shore (of Boston) photographed by Lane Billings. She’s a professional photographer with a dozen years of experience. Her work has been shown in several galleries in the North Shore and Boston.


Each store below is stocked with a variety of print options and carefully designed products adorned with my photography.

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Lane Billings is a professional photographer who was raised in rural Ohio.

She was educated at the University of Cincinnati and the University of California, Los Angeles.

She started her photography career in 2010 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

She relocated to Boston in 2015 for medical treatment, and was taken by the beauty of the North Shore (of Boston).  This is where she found “home”.